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Tours, adventures and holidays for vegetarians and vegans

Our tours will allow you to keep up with your lifestyle while you travel and enjoy lot's of mouthwatering and healthy vegan or vegetarian food. We also follow responsible travel policies by using locally grown products for all meals, hiring local guides, staying in locally owned accommodations and conducting all adventures in an eco and community friendly way as possible.

During these tours, you will get to know local people and possibly get surprised how friendly, welcoming and loving they are. You will feel like a guest, not a tourist and will be able to improve your well-being while relaxing and unwinding in beautiful natural environment.  You will experience authentic and unique adventures and create inspiring and unforgettable memories.

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Visit world-class culture attractions in Latvia, enjoy calmness of nature and vegan food while staying in a romantic cottage by the lake in the forest 

Imagine yourself spending 5 days surrounded by fairytale forest, in a cozy and romantic cottage by the lake, enjoying healthy vegan and raw cuisine, massages and healing unique sauna rituals. You can meditate or do your morning yoga practice while the sun is rising above the nearby lake.

During the day, visit world-class attractions situated nearby: Mark Rothko museum and Aglona Basilique, go for a hike at the biggest Latvian Lake Rāznas, or simply enjoy the nature while laying in the sun in front of the cottage. 

In the evening, you can watch the fog rising above the majestic, hundred of years old trees, enjoy beautiful and authentic folk singing performance, experience unique healing sauna ritual and take a refreshing swim in the moonlight.

You possibly have visited many destinations, but after these 5 days you might tell that it was the most unique and healing experience you've ever had!

Price: from 750 EUR per person (excluding flights)

To get all the details for this tour or to get your own personalized tour itinerary in Riga, Latvia or other Baltic countries please send us an email: