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Baltic countries- the cradle of other European nations

Meditate in Latvia Raami Travel.jpgSome historians have proven that all the Indo-European languages and nations have originated from the territory where presently Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are situated. There are several facts proving that the Baltic states might be the cradle for other white and European nations, languages and even civilizations, and we will list some of them:

Languages are the most similar to Sanskrit

Latvian and Lithuanian languages are the most similar to Sanskrit - the liturgical language of Hinduism and Buddhism. Latvian folk heritage called “dainas”, now included in the UNESCO “Memory of the World” list, is probably one of the oldest and largest holy scriptures in the world holding the same knowledge as the Vedas - knowledge of the Universe, its origins and structure. Pokaini Raami Travel Spiritual Tourism Latvia.jpg

Large number of holy places

There is a large number of holy  places in the territory of the Baltics, some of them even radiate energetically so strongly that it is possible to see it from the space. In ancient times, those holy places had been visited by number of pilgrims. If you link European most far northern and southern, western and eastern points with 2 lines, you will see that Latvia is in the very centre of them. 

Perfect place for yoga, spiritual and mindfulness practice

As you see, these are few more reasons why Baltic countries should be visited especially if you are looking for a personal spiritual development, or sacred and pilgrimage sites.  Many people who arrive in the Baltics notice the peaceful environment here, beautiful and unique nature, and are deeply touched by the positive vibes that can be felt here.  Many people living here are bright and loving beings, practicing different spiritual and mindfulness practices, including yoga, meditation and different healing rituals.

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