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Latvia - a country it is easy to fall in love with!

Some people call it a paradise, some - Europe’s best kept secret. But one thing is sure - when you visit Latvia, you might fall in love with it! And like the other best things in life, it should be enjoyed slowly. 

Turaida castle Raami Travel Latvia.jpgUntouched nature and rich culture 

Latvia is a land of untouched nature and definitely an unique place to come back to. Here you will find Europe's widest waterfall, hundreds of kilometers of sandy beaches, rich historical and cultural heritage, 7 UNESCO world heritage listed sites, exciting towns and fresh air, clean water and organic food. Half of the territory is covered with forests where wild animals (deer, muses, wolves, foxes, rabbits) and birds can be observed. 

Safe and relaxing travel destination

Latvia is one of the safest countries currently in the world, it is also friendly for individual travelers or companies as well as larger groups. In Latvia there is a possibility to relax undisturbed by anyone as there are plenty of places that are not overcrowded.

Riga Raami Travel Culture tours.jpgBest enjoyed slowly

Latvia is divided into 4 regions, each of them has its own special aura. For example, Latgale has marvelous nature with many lakes and specific cultural atmosphere. In Kurzeme tourists will find untouched nature with wide beaches, fresh fish and the sea and recreation for the whole family. Zemgale is rich in luxurious castles and estates. With such a variety, Latvia is best enjoyed slowly.

Riga - one of the most beautiful European cities

Pearl of the Baltics is Latvian capital city Riga with its rich cultural life, amazing sights listed in UNESCO world heritage list, green parks, ancient history and plenty of inspirational and relaxing things to do - our opera that is one of the best in the Europe, restaurants that will please even the biggest gourmands, “hipster’s” paradise on Miera iela with stylish  cafeterias and trendy shops, bars and pubs, theatres etc.

Pokaini Raami Travel Spiritual Tourism Latvia.jpgNew Age tourism in Latvia

For those who are interested in self-development and exploration of alternative cultures, Latvia will be an exciting destination to discover with many powerful nature sites and transformative rituals to experience. For example, Pokaiņi forest is an ancient, exceptionally powerful holy site with stone piles of various magnitude. There is an evidence that those mysterious stone piles are thousand years old and that in ancient times people from all around the world traveled here to get healed and blessed.  Traditionally locals in Latvia have been healers for centuries, and even now we have many people of light and wisdom who can help you to unveil your real strength and potential, and bring you back to the balance of the body, soul and mind.

Latvia is one of the European Union member states and is situated in the North of Europe, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

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