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Spiritual travel tours

Some historians have proven that the territory where presently Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are situated, has been the cradle and the place of origins for other European nations, languages and even civilizations.

It may sound unbelievable, but there are several facts that might prove the truth of this belief: for example, Latvian and Lithuanian languages are the most similar to Sanskrit - the liturgical language of Hinduism and Buddhism. Latvian folk heritage called “dainas”, now included in the UNESCO “Memory of the World” list, is probably one of the oldest and largest holy scriptures in the World. There is also a large number of holy places in the territory of the Baltics, some of them even radiate energetically so strongly that it is possible to see it from the space. In ancient times, those holy places had been visited by number of pilgrims. 

We invite you to join one of our tours to explore the ancient holy sites of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. During our tours, you will be able to visit the ancient cult and religious sites and meet with the locals who will reveal you the truth about these sacred places and their healing effect on human body, mind and spirit. 

Tour samples:

Pokaini Raami Travel Spiritual Tourism Latvia.jpg

Pokaini Healing Stones Raami Travel.JPG


The ancient holy and cult sites in Latvia are very various and interesting. These places holds peace and power and they are exciting to visit for everybody interested in the cultural heritage, alternative spiritual or even healing experience.

In this tour, you will visit Pokaiņi Forest that is an ancient, exceptionally powerful holy site with stone piles of various magnitude. Spiritual mentors, healers and pundits consider Pokaiņi to be an ancient holy site. It holds several stones that are believed to have the healing effect on human body.When you lie on such a stone, you might feel light burning associations so be aware!

During the tour, you will also be able to enjoy the surroundings of mystical Lake Svētes - the lake where no signs of civilization can be seen and that gives you a plenty of space for calm reflections. You will visit Tērvete Holy Hill that will give you scenic views, God’s Garden in Iecava, as well as other local objects that are twinned with mysterious legends.

Price: Please contact us for detailed tour offers for individuals or groups.

Aglona Basilique in Latgale Region.jpg

Latgale is often called a land of blue lakes.jpg


Aglona Basilica is one of the best known sacred sites in the world. It is one of the most impressive churches in the Baltic States, and many legends are told about the miracles that have happened here. Basilica is beautiful and majestic, built in the late baroque style and decorated with two 60 meters high towers.

Aglona area has been a spiritual centre for the tribes of Balts for thousand of years. Nowadays the area holds picturesque landscape with hills, blue lakes, forests and meadows. It is a place where peace, tranquility and beauty can be enjoyed at its best.

During this tour, you will visit several other Catholic churches in Latgale region, including one of the oldest wooden churches of Latgale – miniature and attractive Indrica John Baptist Catholic Church.

Latgale is the citadel of Latvia’s Catholicism – the most of congregations and churches are concentrated there. It also holds a unique landscape, atmosphere and the most welcoming people.

Price: Please contact us for detailed tour offers for individuals or groups.