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Latvia is "must visit" destination suggested by many travel experts

Bright, modern and shining, boasting an array of castles, dense forests and beautiful coastline, Latvia is often listed as "must visit" destination by many travel experts. 

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Travel bible Lonely Planet included Latvia in its top ten destinations for 2016 (after Botswana, Japan, the US and Palau).

Latvia is a bright, shining modern European destination. The country not only boasts an array of castles, inns and museums, but with international influence, its local cuisine is being catapulted to new heights too.

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Latvia Undiscovered Raami Travel Slow Tours.jpg

18 Reasons Latvia Is Europe's Best Kept Secret (

We're constantly looking for the next great destination... something underrated and under-the-radar, a place that will satisfy nature lovers, culture buffs and urban explorers, and, of course, a place that is breathtakingly beautiful.

This article is listing such reasons as awesome capital city, natural ecosystems, ice blue sea waters and many more.

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Lovely Riga Raami Travel.jpg

Gosh! Riga in Latvia is gorgeous: 10 reasons to go there right now!

Riga is an Old Europe type of place very eager to welcome tourists and entertain you as every corner had some sort of bar, pub, or steak house! Having said that, they’re very easy to avoid if you’re not into that stream of entertainment, as every other place is of historical interest, art-inspired or a lovely cafe or restaurant. In fact Riga is stuffed with museums, art galleries, historical squares and places of worship!

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10 of Europe's most beautiful cities (

Once nicknamed, “Paris of the East”, the Latvian capital has been enjoying a resurgence of culture and tourism since regaining independence in 1991. The largest city in the Baltic States is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s undiscovered gems.

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Sigulda, Europe's undiscovered adventure playground

What if I told you there is a little place in Latvia where you can test your physical limits, get lost in the wild, and scare yourself Olympic-style? All the while, being surrounded by beautiful scenery and Livonian castles?

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10 of the prettiest river journeys in Europe (

Not too long ago, Latvia was voted the most beautiful country in the world (by an online poll conducted by First Choice holidays) and it also happens to be one of our favorite travel destinations. A true pearl of the Baltics, it’s filled with deep green forested landscapes where the scent of pine forests linger. 

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 Sklandrausis Latvian Food Raami Travel.jpg

Latvia: Europe’s hidden culinary gem (

The last couple weeks I’ve been running through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the standard of cooking here really has blown me away. Latvia is easily the best country I’ve run through so far in terms of food.

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 Latvian Roadtrip Raami Travel.jpg

Under the radar European countries to take roadtrips (

If you are after beautiful rolling countryside and lush green vegetation then head to Latvia. A circular road trip from the capital, Riga, around the western coast of the country is one of the best Europe has to offer. 

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 Riga Capital of Culture Raami Travel.jpg

Riga - European Capital of Culture in 2014 (

Ten reasons why Riga is such an individual, rewarding and memorable place to visit – all of which will still be here long after the culture-capital carnival has moved on elsewhere.

This article is listing such reasons as some of the best-preserved Art Nouveau architecture in Europe, fashionable neighborhoods and even a display in the museum devoted to the Soviet space program.

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 Rundale Palace Latvia.jpg

The Half-Century-Long Renovation of Rundale Palace, the Versailles of Latvia (

Last May, Rundale Palace, a 18th-century Baroque palace in Latvia, celebrated the completion of 50 years of renovation work. It boasts 54 rooms, including a 1770s-era billiards room and a banquet hall known as the Great Gallery, which have also finally been restored to their original splendor. Some have called the palace the Versailles of Latvia.

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 12 facts about Latvia.jpg

12 facts you did not know about Latvia

Few interesting facts about Latvia. For example, did you know that  a Latvian-Jewish tailor named Jākobs Jufess invented the jeans (Levi Strauss backed him financially)? Or that Latvia holds one of the largest song and dance festivals in the world (with over 40,000 participants), while choir singers and conductors are celebrities in Latvia.

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