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Excellent customer reviews

We love what we do, we are professionals and we treat our guests like dear friends. That is why our tours and travel experiences in Riga, Latvia and the Baltics are rated as EXCELLENT by the most reviewers.

You can read all the reviews on our Tripadvisor or Getyourguide sites, or check out the highlights below and scroll down for some beautiful pictures of our happy customers.Smile

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Colin • June 2020 • Tripadvisor

I found Raami Travel through a web search for tour guides in Riga and contacted several local guides regarding a full day (8 – 9 hours) private tour for two. Liga from Raami Travel was quick to respond and seemed to have a better appreciation of what we were trying to achieve than the other companies, and the price was similar or better. Liga put together a full itinerary (which she communicated to us prior) including the Old Town, Art Nouveau district, and some street art and ended up at the Markets. Liga met us at our apartment on the edge of the Old Town for the tour, which was run at our own pace (I like to stop a lot for photos) and was mostly walking but with a short taxi ride (additional cost but only a few euros) to and from the street art, to save time. Liga obviously provided a running commentary during the tour but also gave us an interesting insight into the recent history of Latvia and life post communism, as well as providing tips on other things to see and places to eat in Riga. Highly recommended.

five star review.pngAnna • March 2020 • Viator

Excellent private tour. Our guide was incredibly knowledgable and gave us a fantastic day in Riga. We learnt about history, art, culture and much more. We are well traveled and have high standards, and we were very happy with our tour guide - she was great and spoke excellent English. Time and money well invested.

five star review.pngDeanne  March 2020 • Tripadvisor

A must-do! A great way to kick off a trip to Riga! Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly and we had a great time eating our way around the market. Definitely go on an empty stomach because we were in a food coma afterwards! Our guide gave recommendations for eating and drinking out in Riga, which we took and were not disappointed. Can’t recommend enough.

five star review.pngDave • February 2020 • Getyourguide

An excellent tour with more than just an overview of Riga. Old town is fascinating with some great stories and ideas for further exploring. Art Nouveau district is a gem! The real treat was the markets with a great introduction to this mammoth market. Highly recommend

five star review.pngLouise • February 2020 • Viator

An excellent introduction to Riga. An informative and extensive tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and told us all about the different areas we visited (old town, art nouveau district, Freedom Monument, central market) and made excellent recommendations for foods to try. Highly recommended.

five star review.pngFebruary 2020 • Tripadvisor

A fantastic tour. This tour won’t disappoint! We had a fantastic tour guide who was very knowledgeable. She gave us lots of historical and cultural information and was more than happy to answer questions. Even on a cold and windy day she took this into account and we enjoyed stops to look at local produce and warm up a bit. She also offered recommendations of other things to do/ see and places to eat during the tour. Definitely a must when visiting the city!

five star review.pngCarlo • February 2020 • Tripadvisor

Our guide Edita was lovely and charming on our 3.5 hour trip, we got to choose what we wanted to see and even stop for coffee as it was cold, a great tour would highly recommend it.

five star review.pngTillmann • February 2020 • Tripadvisor

Would totally recommend Liga's tour of the food market! Our travel guide Liga was really nice and personalized our tour regarding our expectations. We tasted a lot of really delicious traditional food and she showed us many "secret" tips, regular tourists might not now about. 10/10 would recommend

five star review.pngSteve • February 2020 • Tripadvisor

Highlight of our weekend in Riga! We absolutely loved doing this tour and would recommend it to ANYONE who wants to do an experience in Riga. Our guide Haris was brilliant - super friendly, helpful, considerate and extremely knowledgeable - educating us not only on the food element but about Riga / Latvia in general. He took us around 3 different markets - a meat market, a fish market and a vegetable market. We had a perfect mix of picking / tasting different foods at the market stands but then also a few chances to sit down in the café areas and enjoy larger tasting dishes. The description says that you don't get "lunch", just snacks, which is true but you will definitely come away feeling VERY full from all the tasters. It was actually heavily raining all afternoon in Riga so it was ideal to spend the time walking indoors in a heated area! Thank you again Haris - we wouldn't have wanted anybody else to show us around!

five star review.pngJanuary 2020 • Getyourguide

Liga was a wonderful guide! We were a small party of 4, and it was both highly informative and personal. Especially her historical insights on the struggle for independence moved us a lot. This 4 hour tour gave us tue essence of this beautiful City. We appreciated it a lot. Highly recommened!

five star review.pngGeorgina • January 2020 • Getyourguide

Our guide (Haris) was fantastic, with a great mix of history, local knowledge and personal stories to keep our group entertained and engaged throughout. Highly recommend

five star review.pngKasia • January 2020 • Getyourguide

Really enjoyed the trip- our Guide was very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about Riga and its history. Would definitely recommend - our guide has recommended us food/places that otherwise we would have missed. When I was looking for a tour, I have came across those 2h long- after this trip- 4h long, I think the 2h one would not be sufficient.

five star review.pngJanuary 2020 • Tripadvisor

Walk through Old Riga and Market food tour: We had an amazing day with Liga, being shown the architecture and learning the history of this beautiful city, followed by a food tour of the Central Market, where we tasted some local food dishes which included some delicious soup, dumplings, and other really tasty local food. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and found Liga a pleasant, friendly, informative guide. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Riga.

five star review.pngMaggie • December 2019 • Tripadvisor

Brilliant tour. 4 hour walking tour of Riga. Our guide Harrys is extremely well informed and ran an interesting and humerous tour, explaining everything en route.

five star review.pngMarcel • December 2019 • Viator

Wonderful walk though achitectual Capital Riga. Amazing that 30% of all houses in the city centre are in Art Nouveau style (Jugendstill). It was a very interesting walk with Liga Vanaga, the most informed guide you can imagine! Worth the journey.

five star review.pngDietmar • December 2019 • Tripadvisor

Nice, knowledgeable and interesting. We’ve enjoyed a city tour with the guide Liga throughout the old town of Riga, followed by the architect sites and ending up with the buildings of the soviet times. Liga is very knowledgeable, has numerous behind the scenes stories and plenty of suggestions to make the tour an unique and unforgettable experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

five star review.pngRobert • December 2019 • Tripadvisor

Raami Travel was excellent. My parents were from Latvia and this was our first trip to Latvia. We wanted to visit the two towns where my parents were from.They put together a custom tour for us and it was fantastic! Our guide, Edite, was the best. She was very knowledgeable and a joy to be with for the entire day. We enjoyed it so much we booked a private tour the next day for the Central Market in Riga. As expected, it was a great tour too. We very much enjoyed our trip to Latvia and will use Raami Travel when we go back!

five star review.pngMichael • December 2019 • Tripadvisor

Excellent - the best City walking tour I've ever done. A great mixture of Old Town history, Art Nouveau architecture & shopping in a vast market housed in four old Zeppelin Hangers + a brilliant guide.

five star review.pngDecember 2019 • Getyourguide

Liga was such an amazing guide! Very gentle and with a good taste in food! She introduce me to Latvian cuisine which is exquisite!! Definitely go for her tour! You won’t regret it and please don’t have breakfast!! Riga will fill your heart and stomach.

five star review.pngSusan • December 2019 • Getyourguide

Excellent guide! Excellent food selections! Holding out tasting at the shopping market afforded us the widest selection of traditional dishes and a chance to purchase local food!!

five star review.pngJohn • November 2019 • Tripadvisor

The very best of Riga. When my wife and I visit a city for the first time, we like to use a walking tour as a means of learning about specific landmarks, history, culture and way of life. This tour, led by Liga, ranks with the best that we have done. Despite the wet weather, we had the opportunity to see everything available - Freedom monument, Art Nouveau area, Old City, Powder Tower, Cat House, Three Brothers, Swedish Gate, St Peter's and Blackheads House. Liga ensured a comfortable pace, with a break for coffee and a chance to sample black balsam. Finishing at the Central Markets, with the opportunity to try Latvian food such as rye bread w hemp seed oil, smoked pork and cheese, was an enjoyable conclusion to a great experience.

five star review.pngNovember 2019 • Viator

Amazing Experience! This tour was so great to go on, I would definitely recommend it to anyone that visits Riga. I had no idea what to expect from the market, and this tour, and my fantastic tour guide, showed me all of the amazing food of Latvia! Our tour guide was super personable, and she made sure to ask everyone in the group what kind of foods we wanted to try, and which things we did not want to try. I felt like we saw all of the interesting foods that are specific to Riga, and it was all super tasty. Not only did we try some great cuisine, but we also learned some cool history about the market and about Latvian food. Definitely worth the trip!

five star review.pngJan • November 2019 • Tripadvisor

Excellent tour guide, great knowledge and a passion for a lovely city. Liga, Raami Travel owner, did a fabulous tour with us (7 men) through the old town, passionately describing the complex history and pointing out all the special buildings. Lovely tour through the Art Nouveau area and of course a special Balsam tasting. We ended our private tour on the market where we tasted some nice local meat and ended with Latvian brewed beer. What a great town and what a great host-guide! Thank you Liga.

five star review.pngNovember 2019 • Viator

Best choice for a first visit to Riga. Very comprehensive tour, the best possible introduction to Riga. I chose the private tour, the guide picked me up from the hotel and showed me the main sights - for 3 hours filled with explanations.

five star review.pngArmy • October 2019 • Tripadvisor

Riga, Latvia comes to life! There’s so much cool information to know about a great city like Riga… And our guide Liga —> Pretty easy to remember - was wonderful… We learned about the city’s unique economic position in Eastern Europe, the bastion of art nouveau worldwide, and the great old town where you can spend days and days… I even mapped out My next couple days of morning runs… The best two hours we spent in Riga… Don’t miss it!

five star review.pngOctober 2019 • Viator

Comprehensive and very enjoyable tour. We enjoyed a full morning tour with our guide Edīte who was friendly, knowledgable and sensitive to our needs and wishes. The small group (6 on tour) made it easy going and relaxed. I would definitely recommend this tour.

five star review.pngNeale • October 2019 • Tripadvisor

What a great intro to Riga. As I hadn’t visited Riga before I had booked this walking tour to give me a good insight into the city. The meeting point was in the old town and we had people from UK, Denmark and the US in the group of 6. We had a brief intro and then we were off. Our guide Edite was fantastic throughout providing a running commentary on what we were looking at and the history of Riga. I was worried that a 4 hour walk would be too detailed (I tend to switch off if the commentary is too detailed) but Edite got it perfect for me. We followed her through most part of the Old Town, through the Central Park to the Art Nouveau area and then finally to the central food market. All of which must be considered as must do in Riga for a first visit. I subsequently did the same tour by myself at a leisurely pace taking photos. Thoroughly recommend this tour - there is a lot of walking and it does take 4 hours.

five star review.pngAlex • October 2019 • Tripadvisor

Great insight. Edite, our guide, was brilliant and took us on a comprehensive three-hour tour. We packed a lot in: travelling on a bus and a train, too. We highly recommend the tour and learnt a huge amount about Latvia’s history. First rate!

five star review.pngOctober 2019 • Tripadvisor

Best Tour To Discover Rīga! The tour gave us a complete overview of Rīga where our tour guide Līga was friendly, informative and always happy to help. The tour was in a small group which is something I’ll now prefer to do going forward because it felt like a private tour where our fantastic tour guide seemed like a friend taking us around the city. We got to discover the art nouveau district, the old town and finally the central market where we got to try different local foods. I would highly recommend this tour over others because you get to do and learn so much more than you would on larger groups.

five star review.pngSusan • October 2019 • Tripadvisor

Latvian Food is Wonderful. Liga was an excellent guide giving us first a brief history of Riga and Latvia, explaining the culture and food. She then took us to the food market which was a series of hangers. She started with the meat hanger where we tried perogies, salami, smoked meats, borscht, and other local soups. We then went to the dairy section and tried local cheeses and dumplings. Next vegetables where we had beets and cabbage. Then onto the fish hanger where various fish were available to sample. We finished with local chocolates, coffees, and cakes. Excellent and filling day!

five star review.pngMichael • October 2019 • Tripadvisor

We had a very enjoyable couple of hours in the company of Liga Vanaga as she took us through the market. We were able to try a wide range of local dishes as she explained about the local traders, customs, and foods. This is a great way to get to understand any city and Liga was a very good host. We also managed to get a few things to bring home with us. Highly recommended as an introduction to Riga and Latvia.

five star review.pngBianca • October 2019 • Tripadvisor

Amazing time in Riga. The tour was really great ! We had a stunning weather, crispy cold with a bright sun! Our guide was super nice, Edīte, she was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. The tour is good at the beginning of a stay, because it gives you ideas for the other days. Highly recommended :)

five star review.pngGeorge • October 2019 • Viator

Great walking tour of Riga. One of the best tours we have done. Harry, our guide, was waiting for us and took us on a great 4 hour walking tour of Riga. His knowledge was first class and he was a pleasure to be with. Finished the tour in the local market with a gastronomic tasting session of local foods. Highly recommend.

five star review.pngCharles • October 2019 • Viator

Thumbs Up to Both the Tour and Viator! First use of Viator. Booked 2 tours, both very good, not just cheaper but also better and more intimate than our cruise shore excursions. This tour was the best! This was partly due to Riga with its wonderful Art Nouveau buildings and positive vibe but mostly because the tour itinerary, max 10 participants, and the tour guide. Our guide was made for her job - personable, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and diligent. Did a marvelous job bringing Riga to life. We messed up on the meeting location and she made sure by cell phone that we connected with the group. Very well done!

five star review.pngCeline • September 2019 • Tripadvisor

Harijs was our best walking tour guide ever! Wonderful private walking tour of Riga with this brilliant guide. Harijs brought the history of Latvia and Riga to life with so many facts and personal experiences. Great ambassador for your city!

five star review.pngTim • September 2019 • Tripadvisor

Great introduction to the city! During our 4-hour walking tour Edite introduced us to so many important parts of Riga: the parks (which we loved), the amazing art nouveau buildings (which we loved) and the central market (which we loved)! Very pleasant and informative.

five star review.pngIsabella • September 2019 • Tripadvisor

All you want to know about Riga. This was probably the best city tour I have ever had. Harijs was very knowledgeable and nice - he answered all my questions and made the experience unique and tailored to my interests. I particularly enjoyed walking with him through the central market and feeling like a local. But all the tour was great and I highly recommend it.

five star review.pngSeptember 2019 • Tripadvisor

Excellent Tour Guide. This was a four hour tour, with a coffee/tea/soda break half way through. The guide was one of the best we’ve ever had- I would have guessed she was a history major. We saw Old Town, Center City and the Art Deco area and even the enormous City Market. She talked about the history and the present throughout the tour. And never once checked her phone while with us. Highly recommend!!

five star review.pngLei • August 2019 • Getyourguide

Small group, comprehensive introduction of cultural, history, architecture, food and so on. It is a best way to understand this country, city and people.

five star review.pngLisa • August 2019 • Tripadvisor

Well Worth It. Liga provided the best walking tour that my husband and I have experienced in our travels. We encourage anyone visiting Riga to take a tour that Liga conducts. In our four hours, we visited Art Nouveau buildings designed by Mikhail Einstein, walked through parks and key monuments. Liga also took us to the Central Market and gave us a taste of Riga. The walk was well paced, thought out, informative and fun. Highly, highly recommend.

five star review.pngZaigure • August 2019 • Viator

Great way to spend the day. Great day trip outside of Riga! We got to see some of the countryside, small and charming towns of Latvia, and learn the complex and fascinating history of Latvia. The guide was very knowledgeable, engaged, and attentive. We really enjoyed our private tour!

five star review.pngKim • August 2019 • Viator

Really Enjoyable. We did many walking tours on our Baltic Sea cruise destinations and this was one of our favorite. Our guide, Edite, was delightful. She was knowledgeable and understandable. It was a great tour.

five star review.pngRobert • August 2019 • Viator

Our wonderful guide Edite was waiting for us at the end of the pier for our group of 14’s scheduled private walking tour. The tour began with the architectural buildings and history. She was personable, well spoken, and informed. We walked through the park to Freedom monument on way to the market. The drink and food tastings here of Latvian specialties was enjoyed by all. The tour ended after comprehensive tour of old town Riga. The proud and hard working Latvian’s history was evident in Edite’s stories. After 3 and one half hours, we finished our tour at the Dom square, the perfect spot to enjoy a local beer before returning to the ship. Worth every minute! Great tour!

five star review.pngTirza • August 2019 • TripAdvisor

Edith our guide was a real trooper. She took us all over old town showing us the various sights and explaining the history. She braved the pouring rain and continued with the trip towards the beautiful Art Nouveau district. We ended up at the Central market, which is the largest market I have ever seen, and very interesting. I recommend this walking tour.

five star review.pngHeidemarie • August 2019 • TripAdvisor

We had a very interesting and informative Tour of Rīga with Tatjana. Although we were rather tired from our long flight and 10 time zones difference; Tatjana very patiently explained it all! I especially liked the Art Nouveau district, also the old town and of course tasting all the delicacies at the market halls! So thank you for the friendly and interesting experience, we like Riga!

five star review.pngAugust 2019 • TripAdvisor

Old Riga Walking Tour w/ Organ Concert in Riga Cathedral. We arranged for this tour with Liga in advance of arriving in Latvia. Liga was very helpful and responsive to our inquiries to ensure we had a good experience. Directions to meeting our tour guide Edite were perfect. Our extended family group of twelve were immediately impressed with Edite's pleasant demeanor and bi-lingual ability. The highlights of this tour included the many details of the various sites in Old Riga Edite was able recount to our group that are not written or otherwise not commonly known. The organ concert demonstrating the spectacular instrument in the Riga Cathedral is a must for any music lover. We never felt rushed and truly enjoyed this experience. Our tour enjoyed a comfortable and sunny day in Riga during late June. We now have many beautiful pictures and memories of this once in a lifetime family experience visiting the homeland of our parents. Definitely bring comfortable walking shoes as the cobblestones can be tough on your feet! Highly recommend this tour for anyone who is interested in the sights and history of old Riga!

five star review.pngJuly 2019 • TripAdvisor

We did our own walking tour in Riga. Great city with lots of things to see, including Churches, vendors cafes.. Lots to buy at fairly reasonable prices. Streets are all cobblestone which can cause problems if you have walking difficulties--just watch every step! We did the tour while on a cruise. You can walk to town without a problem and see everything within a few hours. Of course if you want to visit many of the Churches, then you should take a private tour! We have seen so many churches, that for now the outside is the main thing.