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Exciting and authentic experience in beautiful Latvia

Enjoy authentic and exciting experience together with locals and discover the charm and relaxing atmosphere of beautiful Latvia. 1-2 hours away from Riga there are splendid palaces and historic castles steeped in legends, beautiful nature parks inviting all those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of big cities, the most beautiful small towns of Europe, welcoming farmsteads inviting their guests to become a part of traditional rituals, epic landscapes and unforgettable adventures that will make your heart beat faster in delight

You can choose one of the below listed experiences or contact us for your personalized itinerary if you cannot find here what you are looking for. You will be very warmly welcomed! 


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Spend unforgettable day filled with authentic local experiences in a private tour from Riga. Explore medieval Cesis castle in a candlelight tour and enjoy the historic charm of Turaida and Sigulda castles. Try ethnic food in Riga-Gauja region, the European Region of Gastronomy 2017. Visit family-owned winery or brewery (upon your choice), learn about wine and beer making traditions in Latvia and taste locally-made drinks. Ride the only cable-tram in the Baltics and feel the beauty and power of untouched nature.  Hear the local legends in beautiful Gutman Cave and immerse in the romantic atmosphere outside the hustle-and-bustle of the city.

Tour review: "Absolutely amazing experience! I simply cannot express enough how much my partner and I loved this tour. It was so extremely informative and a real experience of other parts of Latvia aside from Riga. This was not our only tour we did in the 1 week we were in Latvia, but this was by far the best tour and worth the price. If you cannot decide which tour to choose, you must choose this one."

Tour detailed description:

- We will start our day with a candle-lit tour in Cesis Medieval castle where the history breathes from the ancient stone walls. You might feel like an aristocratic lord or a lady while exploring one of the most important former fortresses in the Baltic region.
- Afterwards, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a magnificent view over the Gauja Valley during the cable-tram ride from Turaida Castle, and learn more about traditional culture in The Folk Song hill in Turaida museum reserve. Turaida means "God's garden" in ancient Livu language, and this it really is a heavenly beautiful place. From the castle tower you will see amazing views.
- Together with a friendly local guide, you will explore the naturally beautiful Gutman’s Cave, one of the oldest tourism objects in the country. You will also see the romantic ruins of Sigulda Castle, which has been a popular meeting place for lovers since the 18th century.
- As both Cesis and Sigulda were a part of European Gastronomic Region in 2017, during the tour you will also be able to try mouth-watering local food which has all the qualities valued highly in the Northern Europe: food is healthy, highly pleasant, beautifully presented and natural as almost everything on the table can be seen just outside the window.
- At the end of the tour, you will visit a local winery or brewery - upon your choice, where you’ll taste delicious Latvian wine made from local fruits and berries, or home-made beer. 

How to book: please contact us for bookings, price quote and and more information.

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Kuldiga, Chocolate factory and Medieval Feast in Jaunpils castle from Riga1.jpg

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Kuldiga, Chocolate factory and Medieval Feast in Jaunpils castle from Riga 2.jpg


(12 hours / private all-inclusive tour)

This is an experience you would not want to miss! During this private, luxury day trip from Riga you will see one of the most charming Latvian towns Kuldiga, feel the excitement of untouched nature near the widest waterfall in Europe, enjoy the beauty of truly royal location Jaunmokas Palace, visit local chocolate producer in Pure and try the most delicious sweet truffles. At the end of the day you will enjoy monk's feast in Jaunpils medieval tavern – a filling meal with more than 10 dishes and wine (all included in the price). In the evening your private driver and guide will bring you back to the hotel in Riga with lot of nice memories.

Tour detailed description:

- In the morning at 9.00 transfer from Riga to Jaunmokas Palace.
- You will start your day in the oasis of romance and serenity Jaunmokas Palace, the site that has earned a special place on the list of Latvian architectural masterpieces and is suitable even for royal celebrations. The palace was built in 1901 as the hunting lodge for the mayor of Riga. It is a stunning landmark, boasting a combination of Neo-gothic shapes, Art Nouveau elements, romantic interiors and picturesque landscape garden.
- Taste delicious locally produced chocolate in Pure Chocolate Museum. During the visit you will hear the story about the chocolate and will learn all about the production process of this heavenly treat, from raw materials to finished products. At the end of the visit you will try delicious Pure Chocolate products and if you like – buy more of them and bring them home as a special gift.
- Later head to one of the most beautiful Latvian towns Kuldiga and after a light lunch feel the charm of this truly authentic place, experience the excitement while standing near the widest waterfall in Europe Venta Rapid, and try traditional food Sklandrausis – the product that was granted “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed” status by the European Commission.
- In the evening transfer to Jaunpils where you will be able to enjoy real medieval feast. Under the velvet ceiling, in one of the oldest parts of the castle – the Knight’s dining hall, you will find the Jaunpils Castle medieval tavern, where you will be able to enjoy delicious meal in the candlelight with the accompaniment of ancient musical tones.
- After the filling dinner and memorable, well-spent day the driver and guide will bring you back to your hotel or place in Riga.

How to book: please contact us for bookings, price quote and and more information.

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 Rundale Palace Tours from Riga.jpg


(10 hours / private all-inclusive tour)

If you want to spend a day in aristocratic style, learn court traditions, visit stunning palaces that are now used as filming locations and hear fascinating stories about tsars and royals of the region, then this is a tour for you!

Zemgale region holds so many beautiful and gorgeous palaces close to each other like no other place in Latvia. Rundale Palace, Bauska Castle and Mezotne Palace - each of them has its own history and its own charm. During the tour, you will see all the three “pearls” of the region. You will be able to participate in the guided excursions, see the romantic ruins of the Order Castle in Bauska and explore “the Versailles of Latvia” - the impressive and luxury Rundāle Palace where every detail is worth your attention. Tour will end with almost an aristocratic dinner in Mezotne Palace or Mazmezotne Manor.

Tour detailed description:

- In the morning at 11 am: transfer from Riga to Bauska Castle. You will start your day in the scenic Bauska Castle – a stunning example of former military fortress and a residency of the Duke of Courland. In Bauska Castle you will be able to learn some court traditions (dressing or dancing).
- Rundale Palace: Rundale is a gem of a Baroque Palace in Latvia. You will have a stop 2.5 hours in this impressive landmark, a key place for filming in BBC's War & Peace in 2016. During the guided tour you will be able to explore and enjoy the aristocratic interiors of Rundale Palace and it's stunning French garden with charming fountains, scented roses, variety of plants, flowers and hidden alleys.
- You will end the day in Mezotne Palace: one of the most outstanding classicism buildings in Latvia. The palace is surrounded by one of the most well-tended English landscape parks in Latvia.
- There is also time for dinner in Mazmezotne Manor or Mezotne Palace restaurant. In the evening before returning to the city enjoy lovely dinner in almost aristocratic atmosphere. Both restaurants offer excellent food prepared from local ingredients and served in the best traditions.
- After the filling dinner and memorable, well-spent day the driver and guide will bring you back to your hotel or place in Riga. If you wish, you can also spend a night in a romantic, aristocratic and stunning Mezotne Palace.

How to book: please contact us for bookings, price quote and and more information.



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(8 hours / private tailor-made tour)

Visit really unique and authentic place with the genuine Soviet and cold-war feel - the Secret Soviet Bunker in Ligatne, and enjoy a typical 1980's meal for dinner. Later in the day, visit charming Cesis town and explore the stunning natural sights of Gauja National park.

Ligatne Bunker is a marvellous Cold War relic from the Soviet Era – it's a formerly secret government bunker from where the Soviet administrative affairs were supposed to be kept running in case of nuclear war. It was hidden underneath a health spa, in the middle of a national park. There, you will be able to learn more about the Cold War and experience an exciting tour in trully unique and authentic place - Soviet time bunker 9m underground that is still furnished with the original equipment and installations. Towards the end of the tour, you will be taken to the “canteen” and given a typical 1980’s meal. For maximum authentic and exciting experience, it is possible to rent a Soviet car for this tour.

After the bunker, you will visit charming Cesis Town and some stunning sights in Gauja National park. As this is a private tour, it can be altered according to your interests and budget.

How to book: please contact us for bookings, price quote and and more information.

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Liepaja Beach.jpgTravel to Liepaja tours from Riga.jpgkarosta_liepaja4.jpg



(1 or 2 days / private tailor made tour)

With some of the world's most unusual attractions and pristine white sanded beach, Liepaja is a stylish, tasteful and exciting destination situated at the coast of the Baltic sea. It's a must visit place especially for all those who are looking for adventures, epic landscapes, authenticity, contemporary art and entertainment.

In Liepaja you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Northern Forts – epic and visually impressive  ruins of former city fortress now washed into the Baltic sea; you will take an entertaining tour in the world's only prison opened for visitors Karosta Prison; you will explore the eccentric parts of Liepaja town where the unusual contrasts of the fine architecture from the time of the Tsars coexists with the harsh legacy of the Soviet era.

In the afternoon, you will visit charming Liepaja city -  a place that boosts with creativity, rock music, art and culture. In Liepaja, you will have a chance to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this always-in-style, cute seaside town, explore it's most famous landmarks including concert hall "Great Amber" and stunning blend of Art-Nouveau and wooden architecture, go on a taste adventure and try traditional local cuisine, and possibly enjoy a most beautiful sunset while relaxing with a cocktail by the Baltic Sea.

This day-trip from Riga will be approximately 12 hours long, including 3-hours drive in a comfortable minivan or car both in the morning and in the evening (total 6-hours in the vehicle). Therefore although it is possible to visit Liepaja from Riga in just one day, we would really recommend to spend there 2 days or more.

How to book: please contact us for bookings, price quote and and more information.

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