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Experience real Latvia through exciting culinary adventure

We are passionate about food, especially our traditional Latvian cuisine that is delicious, natural, well-presented and has a wide range of products depending from the season. It is such a pleasure to ease your hunger with the traditional smoked fish that just has been taken out from the stove and still smells like wood and fire; shop in small farmers' markets and have a picnic in the beach afterwards, eat pastry that you just learned how to bake, or snack with natural, organic berries that grow in the nearby forest. 

With us, you will experience an exciting journey of new tastes, high comfort and luxury, you will spoil your taste-buds and create wonderful memories that will make you smile for a long while.

Please book one of our food tasting experiences listed below or contact us for your personalized travel itinerary. 

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Immerse in the local culture through exciting culinary adventure in the European Region of Gastronomy 2017! During this tour, you will visit Riga and discover yourself one of the most beautiful European capitals, explore its culture and history through exciting day tours, visit one of the largest indoor markets in Europe where the wide selection of local gastronomic treasures will impress even the most demanding gourmands, enjoy contemporary and delicious traditional cuisine and experience authentic activities in Riga and rural Latvia in the close connection with the local people. 

Day 1: 
- Arrival and pick-up from Riga International Airport;
- Light lunch and check-in at 4-star Boutique-style hotel in Riga Old Town;
- Enjoy private guided tour in Riga Old Town together with a lovely local guide and learn more about city's culture, history and people. Visit the largest indoor market in Europe Riga Central Market and taste delicious local seasonal products bought directly from the producers;
- Welcome dinner in „3 Chefs”, the unique restaurant  serving mouth-watering contemporary Latvian cuisine prepared from local ingredients.

Day 2: - Day trip to Gauja Region, European Region of Gastronomy 2017.
- Start your day with filling and delicious Latvian breakfast (including such products as rye bread, fresh pastries, stuffed eggs, smoked cheese, meat and fish, pancakes and organic apple juice from the local farms);
- Departure of the excursion to Cesis and Sigulda, two of the most lovely small towns in the Baltic states;
- Immerse in the history and culture during a romantic candle-light tour in the beautiful Cesis castle, and discover the charm of the medieval Old Town;
- Lunch in one of the top-rated restaurants serving traditional Latvian cuisine where everything on the table can be seen just outside the window;
- Enjoy splendid natural sights from impressive Turaida castle tower, and feel the idyllic atmosphere of Sigulda castle;
- Cable-tram ride over Gauja River Valley in the biggest national park in the Baltic states;
- Visit to a traditional family-owned winery with an explanation of wine production process and with tasting of locally produced wine from different fruits and flowers;
- In the evening, dinner in Valter`s Restaurant in Riga where only local rural products are served.

Day 3: - Day trip to Courland region and local fishermen villages near the seaside.
- Start your day with filling and delicious Latvian breakfast;
- Departure of the excursion to Kuldiga, a city with the soul, Europe's widest waterfall and unique traditional cuisine;
- Explore authentic old fishermen houses in Jurmala Open Air Museum and learn more about the traditional fish smoking process;
- Visit local fishermen market where you can taste and buy mouth-watering fish that has been smoked using only natural wood;
- Visit Europe's widest waterfall Venta Rapid and feel the charm of Kuldiga Old Town;
- Taste traditional vegetable tarts "Sklandrausis" that was granted “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed” status by the European Commission;
- In the evening, dinner in hotel Gutenbergs restaurant from where you can enjoy the views of Old Riga church towers, a quiet music and modern Latvian cuisine.

Day 4: - Departure.
- Start your day with filling and delicious Latvian breakfast;
- Check out from the hotel (before 12 noon);
- Free time in Riga & transfer to the airport.

Price: 860 EUR per person (group of 2 people); 650 EUR (group of 4-6 people); 450 EUR (group of 8-12 people). Price can be adjusted to your budget and requirements.

Included: 3 nights in 4-star boutique hotel in Riga Old Town in double room, breakfast, all tours, transportation, local guide, tour planning and travel support. Not included: travel to/from Riga, insurance, lunch and dinner, personal expenses. 

Book now via e-mail or request more information!

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WINE & DINE LIKE A DUKE OF COURLAND (1 or 2 day tours) 

If you want to taste a naturally baked dark bread, participate in a fish smoking process, visit a local vineyard or brewery, or eat organic food that has been prepared in a real country kitchen - this is a tour for you!

People living along the coast of Courland (Kurzeme) has rich fishing and fish smoking traditions and smoked fish is an essential treat on a trip to Kurzeme. Since ancient times, a real pride of Latvian cuisine have also been our black, dark bread. It tastes and smells fantastic and is a unique “brand” of Latvian culture. Latvians has also hundreds of years winemaking traditions. According to the legend, Duke Jacob had established vineyards in Courland as far back as the 17th century.

Several workshops for this tour are available, they can be varied according to your preferences and tour length. You might want to participate in a fish smoking process, learn and observe this ancient tradition and be the first to taste a freshly prepared, delicious fish. You might want to taste a naturally baked dark bread and participate in the baking process. Or visit a local vineyard, learn more about wine production and taste the wine that has been produced from locally grown fruits and berries. And, of course, you would not want to miss the famous vegetarian tarts “Sklandrauši” - the pride or Courland region. 

Price: please contact us for detailed tour offer. 

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Latgale region is very different from the rest of Latvia, they have their own language and delicious food that sometimes is called in the names that no one else can understand. “Buļbešnīki” (filled potato pancakes), “šmakovka” (homemade vodka), “dračenka” (grated potatoes with meat and onions) and “kručjonki” (stuffed beef medallions). In Latgale you can taste its famous Rāzna fish soup, freshly baked bread, stuffed pike, organic herbal tea or even locally grown snails.

Unofficial symbol of Latgale is potter-made ceramics - they are manufactured according to traditional processing techniques, and each potter has his own specific style. The ceramics of Latgale province are considered unique not only in Latvia, but in all Europe.

In this tour you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Latvian nature at Daugava River valley nature park “Daugava” and Rāzna National Park with the second largest lake in Latvia, lake Rāzna. You will be able to taste different “goodies” from Latgale region (even “šmakovka”), visit famous Latgale pottery centre and make your own ceramics in the unique pottery workshop.

Price: please contact us for detailed tour offer.


During the season (summer and autumn), you might want to try to find and collect some naturally grown berries, fruits or even mushrooms by yourself. They taste more delicious if you’ve spent a half day looking for them at forest or a meadow. If you are not ready for such an “extreme” holidays, there are several country houses and farms available where you can see the industrial growing process and manufacturing of those tasty delights. At the end of the day, you might even want to enjoy a strawberry bathhouse and a strawberry spa procedures.

Price: please contact us for detailed tour offer. 

Still not what you are looking for? Please contact us with your interests and preferred activities to get a personalized tour!