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Our mission and motivation

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We love the land where we live

We are a local tour and a travel agency operated by the friends, family and like-minded people. At least two things for us are common - we all love the land where we live and we believe that holidays in the Baltic states can give the best relaxation and create unforgettable memories for many travelers.

Professionals taking care of your needs

We are professionals and really enjoy taking care of your needs. When you book with us, we will make sure that everything is done for your amazing travel experience!

Rejuvenation from nature and new experiences

We also believe that Latvia and other Baltic states are among the most beautiful countries in the world, still undiscovered and hidden for so many. Foreign visitors here are pleasantly surprised by our untouched nature, white-sanded and remote beaches, grassy meadows and fairy-tale forests, beautiful architecture, rich and meaningful traditions. All that makes Latvia an ideal destination for slow and relaxing holidays.

Culture Tours Latvia Raami Travel.jpgSupport local people and follow responsible travel policies

If you book with us, you will promote local tour company and local people. We follow responsible travel policies and choose other local suppliers, tour guides, accommodation and transportation companies wherever possible. We also conduct our adventures in as eco and community friendly way as possible. 

We will tell you stories, show hidden treasures, invite you to see the insights of local culture and truly enjoy everything that you’ll experience!

We will love being your hosts!


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