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Feel-good and Wellness Tours

If you want to pamper yourself, escape from routine and experience a little luxury in your life, we can offer you feel-good and wellness holidays in a calm, beautifully designed environment with every-day spa treatments, a good massage, water procedures, delicious and healthy meals and all you can dream about to make sure you return in your regular life as a happy, inspired and spoiled goddess.

There are plenty of seaside resorts and inland spas in the Baltic States that offer a wide range of relaxation, recreational, beauty and medical procedures - mud wraps, chocolate massages, salt treatments and much more for deep relaxation, peace and stress reduction. You can enjoy strawberry spa course that will make your skin radiant and fragrant, calm your mind and promote happiness in your heart. One of our special treatments is amber massage: since ancient times, amber in the Baltic states is used for energy protection and beauty. Massage with amber oil will fill each body cell with vital energy, increase immunity and improve skin’ s appearance.

Treasure your body and soul, take care of your internal and external beauty and return back to your everyday life inspired, lifted and loved!

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