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Tours For Wellbeing of Your Body, Mind and Soul

We offer specially designed travel experiences, New Age tours, wellbeing and yoga holidays for those searching personal enrichment and harmony, and for those willing to feel pampered and being taken-care of in good and healthy ways.

Experience calmness of nature while staying in a luxury or design hotel 

Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - are three countries in Northern Europe where you can disappear from crowds in untouched nature, breathe in world's cleanest air, enjoy healthy vegetarian food, walk along the beautiful sandy or stoned beaches for kilometers without meeting any human, watch the most amazing sunsets and sunrises, or feel the strength and magic of trees in a dense forest, feeling reunited with nature and the real you. All this calmness of nature can be experienced while staying in luxury, design, boutique or ethnographic hotel or cozy and unusual countryside house, with entertaining travel experiences, sightseeing tours in historical castles and splendid palaces, or experiencing unusual energies in sacred and mystique nature sites.

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