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Healing Authentic Sauna Rituals

For our nations, the sauna is not just a place to ensure body hygiene: in sauna, the soul is cleansed just as much as the body.

We offer you deeply cleansing, traditional and restoring bathhouse rituals under the guidance of experienced bath masters. Plants besoms for a steam bath are usually used in the wet herbal bathhouses. Besides massaging the body they also serve as aroma therapy as the aroma of the besom in the heat can increase up to 10 times. During the steam-bath procedures you can also perform beauty treatment – apply clay masks or honey. In between taking the steam-baths or after, we offer you tea and infusions from meadow plants that will be very delicious. After the ritual, have contrast water procedures in cold shower, river or lake and powerful sensations are guaranteed!

In general, the main thing in sauna is to make you feel good all the time. And sauna ritual is an adventure on many levels - it heals your body, focuses on your feelings, allows you to know yourself better and offers you to experience a new state of conscious.

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